A. Procedure

1.      Select a restaurant for the ROMEO lunch – see suggested list below.

2.      Confirm a reservation with the restaurant for eg: 10 to 16 people, 4 days prior to event.

a.      Date – meeting date; time – estimate arrival about 12:30 PM

b.      Estimated attendance – eg: 10 to 16 attendees

c.       Inform the restaurant that there will be individual checks

d.      Indicate the actual number will be confirmed about one to two hours prior to the event.

3.      During the business portion of the meeting determine how members will be attending the ROMEO lunch by hands raised

4.      Invite the speaker as a guest of the RMA.

5.      Call restaurant to confirm the number of guests at 11:30.


B. Bill Pay Procedure

1.      Prior to arrival let the restaurant/server know how many people there will be and that there will be one check per patron 

2.      Event Manager pays his and the speaker’s bill.

3.      Event Manager emails the RMA treasurer for reimbursement for the speaker’s bill.