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Past Bulletins and Speakers – 2015

December Justice Denied: The Incarceration of Japanese-Americans During World War II Margaret Yamamoto
November Asteroids: Fact or Fiction Dr. Grant H. Stokes
October The Driver-Vehicle Interface Bryan Reimer, PhD
September Acton Discovery Museum Neil Gordon, CEO
August Asset Allocation Research Dirk Hofschire,
Fidelity Asset Management
July Microbes: Friend or Foe? Dr. Ken Coleman
June All About Flying Model Helicopters John Walsh & Andy Argenio
May U.S.Navy’s “Stealth” Destroyer DDG-1000 Stuart Karon
April On-Line Learning for Mature Learners Glenn Strehle
March All About Clocks Robert Frishman
February No Meeting  
January History of the Boston Post Road (Rte 20) Bryan Farr