Past Bulletins and Speakers – 2023


 December Today’s Energy Challenges and Realities – Nuclear Energy    Presented by: David Butz and Dale Levandier, PhD
 November  Oil and War
  Presented by: Captain Mawn’s received communications and intelligence training and served three Navy Ships as Warfare Officer.  After release from active duty, he served in the Navy Reserve for 2 decades.  Presentation Sides LINK
 October Industry, Innovation, and ‘The Other Revolution’    Presented by: Bob Perry is Executive Director of the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation,
 September    Aging on Purpose   Presented by: Doug Peck, Director of Community Partnerships in
  Seniors Helping Seniors of Greater Boston and Metro-West
 August   “Massachusetts Building Trades Unions” 
  Presented by Dan McNulty is Staff at Massachusetts Building Trades Unions
 June   Applied Improvisation   Presented by Theodor Klein, Managing Partner at the Boston Strategy Group (BSG
 May Today’s Energy Challenges and Realities  Presented by Dale Levandier, PhD, and David Butz
Researchers into Nuclear Power
Geology of the Massachusetts Middlesex County Area and a bit beyond    Presented by William Vales, 
 March  Water Pollution   Presented by Katherine Lange
Policy Specialist for the Massachusetts River Alliance
  Mission and Vision of Habitat for Humanity
  Presented by Molly Pietrantonio
Volunteer Program Manager for Habitat for Humanity
in MetroWest/Greater Worcester
January End of Life and Dying Well   Presented by Dr Harold Wilkinson