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Past Bulletins and Speakers – 2019


 December   Black Holes: How an Idea Abandoned by Newtonians, Hated by Einstein,
and Gambled on by Hawking Became Loved
  Marcia Bartusiak, Professor, MIT Graduate Program
 November  Recycle SMART Julia Greene

MassDEP Municipal Assistance Coordinator
Northeast District 3

 October   Traveling Across America by Train
 Jim Metcalf,

Retired Air Force Scientist and RMA Member

 September   6 Frigates: the Starting of the  US Navy   Peter Sebelius
 August  How the Beaver Trade Impacted the Exploration of N. America   Jacob Kuykendall                                                     Member of the La Courte Oreilles band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians
 June  MIT Labs and the Apollo Guidance System Don Eyles
Author, Scientist, Space Expert
 May   Darkness in Distress   J. Kelly BeattySenior Editor, Sky & Telescope
 April  Voter Choice for MA Ms Ellen Perry, Voter Choice MA
 March  CLIMATE Dr. Kerry Emanuel, Professor of Atmospheric Science, MIT
 February  NextGen Weather Marilyn Wolfson and Joe Venuti
 January  HEALTHY RECOMMENDATIONS AS WE AGE Dr. John Blute, retired orthopedic surgeon