Benefits of Joining the Retired Men’s Association

To: Retiring Men:

As a large number of our Retired Men’s Association ( RMA) members know too well, most men when they retire go through a transition period from the work-a-day world with its demands, schedules , and meetings to an environment where they choose how and with whom to spend their time. These choices can critically affect post-career happiness and wellbeing. As studies show, many retirees become ill within a year of leaving work because they fail to plan for a gradual shift from working to retirement.

The RMA offers a solution to this problem through association with other retirees, affording opportunities to pursue and develop interests in civic, educational, artistic, historical and other aspects of life. They can use their talents and experience for the benefit of their communities.
Men who are interested in the objectives of the RMA can be invited by a current RMA member to attend a meeting as his guest. Those interested in joining are encouraged to attend one or two meetings as a guest, before making a commitment to membership.

If you think you may be interested in joining our organization or want additional information please contact: Nick Veeder, Jr. email: or Paul Sturgis email:


RMA Board of Directors