3) Next RMA Meeting Friday, March 8th 2024 at 10AM in Person and via Zoom

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1. Business Meeting Speaker: 10:25 to 10:40 am

Introduction Chris Hammer

Topic “Legislature passed a law requiring the all MBTA Communities to adopt new zoning  

Speaker Adam R. Burney 

Topic In January of 2021 the Legislature passed a law requiring the all MBTA Communities adopt zoning that will permit multi-family housing by-right at a density of 15 units per acre on a minimum of 50 acres. I will discuss how the Town of Sudbury is working to comply with this law.


2. RMA Speaker Presentation

Introduction by Paul Motyka


“Four Brothers From Lowell”


Jim Turcotte

Speaker Biography

  • Jim has a History BA from BU and a JD from Western New England University. He was a prosecutor for the State of Connecticut for more than 34 years

Topic Summary

  • Jim’s book “Four Brothers From Lowell”, a tribute to his dad and three uncles for their services in WW II., members of “The Greatest Generation”. The book is based on research that includes personal interviews, family correspondence and government documents.