Next RMA Meeting Friday, February 9th 2024 at 10AM in Person and via Zoom

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RMA Speaker Presentation

Introduction by Chris Hammer


“Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Modern Society, Including Medicine”


Harold A. Wilkinson, M.D., Ph.D.

Speaker Biography

  • M.D., Duke Medical School, Ph.D., Duke Graduate School

    • Residency in Neurosurgery, MGH

    • 20 years joint professorships in Neurosurgery and

    • Neuroscience, UMass

Topic Summary

  • • Assuming a more important role in many aspects of modern life.

    • Widely discussed in both medical and non-medical literature, on TV and social media.

    • Potentially large impact on modern life is widely touted, including medical care.

    • Much misinformation is being aired and shared.

    • A level of fear has been generated.