Next RMA Meeting: Friday, MAY 12 in Person and via Zoom

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RMA Speaker Presentation


Date May 12, 2023

Time 10:00 AM


          First Baptist Church, by reservation

          Zoom – link will be sent a few days prior to meeting

Introduction Larry Vifquain


Topic – “Today’s Energy Challenges and Realities”

Nuclear energy is an ecological, safe, cost-effective, grid-ready solution to eliminate carbon emissions and provide for increasing global energy needs.
We must dramatically reduce our use of fossil fuels to address the many threats they entail. Wind and solar cannot meet our energy needs alone, even with backup from hydro-electric and/or batteries.
We have come to realize that nuclear energy is an essential component of any realistic solution.


Speakers –  David Butz is a design engineer and environmentalist who has been thinking about the energy generation and pollution for over 50 years. He has followed the ongoing progress toward nuclear fusion, and investigated the possibilities of various forms of renewable energy. Finding that nuclear fission is now a mature, practical, and safe means of generating clean and dependable base-load power, he is a strong advocate for expanded use of this technology in face of the current urgent challenge caused by the large and growing release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
Dale Levandier developed his love of nature in a remote Nova Scotia fishing village. During a productive career as a research scientist, Dale (PhD Chemistry, U. Waterloo, ’91) worked hard to obtain the data that allowed an understanding of fundamental natural phenomena. That reliance on data drives Dale’s advocacy for nuclear power as the wisest near-term solution to provide the reliable, resilient, zero-carbon energy we need so we can eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels and preserve our natural world.