Certainly our topic is very much in the thoughts of many Americans especially in these super polarized political times.  I know that we shall have a great discussion no matter our individual perspectives.  Among other things we might want to consider:

1.    Does the Electoral College as implemented work for 21st century America?  Do we need it?  Does it need to be modified?  See attached the population statistics for each state. Should the 11 most populated states, having a total of 270 electors, be able, as a group, to elect the President?

2.    Who should be allowed to vote?  See the attached history of voting in the USA.  Why should states be allowed to have their own criteria for voting?  What forms of ID should be allowed?  Should there be a national ID card for each citizen?

3.    Should gerrymandering be permitted?  If not what should be done about the gerrymandering found in both “red” and “blue” states?

4.    Would a third political party of substantial size help or hurt our democracy?

5.    Should the Senate be changed so that it more effectively represents the total population of the country not the individual states?  Presently the 26 least populated states representing 19% of the population can in fact control the US Senate and hence the ability to pass any legislation.

6.    Do any of the points brought up in a recent Washington Post editorial by Catherine Rampell (see attached) have merit?

7.    Should the President be allowed to effectively conduct war without a declaration of war authorized by Congress as per the US constitution.